About Me

Mission: An Authentic Love Emissary

Vision Statement: To Be A Worldwide Voice That Speaks Love and Life through singing, poetry and art.

Hello My Ladies and My Fellows,
By God’s grace, I am what I am; an artist in every sense of the word.  A Phoenix, AZ native with a deeply held spirituality, I grew up between worship and war stories.  I was blessed to grow up influenced by love, grit, soul and spirit.  One of my poems has been featured in the “Mending the Souls” workbook, where it received great accolades.  I am adamant that at the heart of all my art and performances there must be the desire to touch others.
I am also the founder of Love 2 Life, a non-profit that exists strictly to raise funds to free slaves from sex trafficking. The funds are donated to Hope Wing at the Phoenix Dream Center. 

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