Soooo…Sunday, August 5th was beyond beautiful and then perfectly painful!!!

I led worship at church that Sunday and after prayer, I walked out to the vestibule. Right at the moment the door shut behind me, pain shot through my abdomen and I couldn’t breathe. My breath shortened and it seemed I would pass out. I thought I was dying.

A bulge popped up in my stomach the size of a small fist. It was like a scene from Alien!! Women in my church came to pray for me. The lump went down and my breathing flowed. I was born with an umbilical hernia but I had had surgery to repair it. Well….it was baaaaaack with a second hernia. You read it right! I had two hernias this time! (Technically one was not a hernia but nevertheless it acted like one.) I had to undergo surgery to repair both hernias quickly!

That sat itself down in the middle of an already trying summer financially. Guess what? The struggle is real and it comes whenever it wants to. It’s been about 2 months and I am still under doctor’s care the second hernia was a far more extensive procedure and will require physical therapy to fully recover.

What’s my response? Cry a bit. Freak out a bit and then remember who my God is and pray. Lastly, I have to learn to hustle a new way.

What’s the new way…I am still trying to figure that out. My motto does not change.

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