If the struggle ain’t real, then neither is breathin’. It is hard out there a pimp, a scrub, a genius, and even Jesus! I am not trying to be disrespectful, but let’s be honest; Jesus was pure love and righteousness and society crucified Him!! (Side Note: *With my finger in the air* His crucifixion actually provided His victory over sin for mankind. He is the ultimate champion. He got there by Scrugglin’ y’all!)

We are all facing adversity, drama, trauma, haters, and pain. The mountain of voices against us can be draining and seem insurmountable, especially for those of us who are dreamers.

For us dreamers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, imagineers, and hustlers, the struggle is beyond real. It is an adversary that stalks us. It comes in external and internal voices, and even in experiences that tempt us to doubt ourselves and forget our dreams.

However, our dreams make us most alive. To give up on our dreams, is to commit a slow and emotionally agonizing suicide. (Trust me, I tried it. It absolutely sucks! Don’t quit!)

The thing that many of us don’t readily understand is that the struggle is actually an integral part of the hustle. Struggle builds hustlers, visionaries, and masters of purpose. No matter what story of success we study, struggle is there not as an adversary but as a trainer, a rite of passage and a developer of dominioneers!

As battles mold men into warriors, the struggle manufactures hustlers. The struggle has five major tests that we must pass to obtain and activate our hustle:

  1. The Obstacle: The Mountain of It’s Impossible

  2. The Opposition: The Usurper of Purpose

  3. The Imitation: The Enticement to Settle for Less

  4. The Offense: The Temptation of Bitterness

  5. The Out: The Fatigue that Calls Us to Quit

When we conquer these five struggles by being our best self in the face of the struggle, we can have our dream and we can be more than what we dreamed. We can and must OutHustle Our Struggles.

OutHustling Our Struggles is about working harder than what is working against us but not through more physical effort all the time. Let’s Define what it OutHustle means.  OutHustling means recognizing the divine strategies, provisions and efficiency that enables us to overcome deficiencies.  It’s not just working smarter instead of harder.  It is partnering with purpose by clarifying our vision and recognizing God’s provision.

OutHustling is a mentality of abundance, resourcefulness, gratitude, self-acceptance, purpose, and yes, discipline. Welcome to the Struggle, Hustler. You shall surely conquer it. Though the Struggle is real, so is your Hustle!

OutHustle Your Struggle.


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