Facing our giants is never easy.  The bullies, haters, naysayers and antagonist boast themselves up pretty big against us.  Oppositions are very rarely quiet or fair.  They work very hard to make us believe that they have it together better than we do and that they are better suited for the call then we are.  Here is the part that is vitally important that opposition misses, it is not an interview, it is a calling.  God did not call them to be you or to be in your place.  It is, in fact, yours by God’s decree.  


Yes, the lies of inadequacy can scream pretty loud and seem far too real.  The truth is that we are all horribly inept for our task, at first.  We must grow into it.  We must learn in falling forward into becoming great.  This is training not inadequacy.    

Opposition exploits the failures of our training period and seeks to make us believe that we will never be better.  But…no one is great at first we train, commit, learn and develop into greatness.  It is a process that is specifically designed to bring the called person in to their unique calling. Like a key that is shaped for a lock.  There are doors that only you can open.  Battles only you can win and purposes that only you can fulfill.  Do not allow the “wannabes” to talk you down from that place that you are called to be. 

This is a calling, not an opportunity for opposition to audition.  This is for you and you are irreplaceable.    

OutHustle Your Struggle.


Uggghhh….For Real?!

Soooo...Sunday, August 5th was beyond beautiful and then perfectly painful!!! I led worship at church that Sunday and after prayer, I walked out to the vestibule. Right at the moment the door shut behind me, pain shot through my abdomen and I couldn't breathe. My...

The Obstacle: I Dare You to Do The Impossible

Mountain meet Muhammed. Muhammed meet Mountain. Racism meet Dr. King. Dr. King meet Racism. Failure meet Einstein. Einstein meet Failure. Goliath meet David. David meet Goliath. Also, David meet Saul, Absalom, and the entire general hater population of your time. Part...

I Am Resilience

Delightful based on Isaiah 62:4b ESV“but you shall be called My Delight is in Her, and your land Married; for the Lord delights in you, and your land shall be married.”Delightful is and affirmation in paint form. It is a declaration that , “I am delightful!” Reminding...

Push Vs. Pull

As we hustle, there is a tendancy to try to push harder and harder to accomplish our goals.  However, let's not forget the power of the pull! We push by force and sometimes that force is hard work, determination or brute strength. However, we are always strongest in...

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