Mountain meet Muhammed. Muhammed meet Mountain.

Racism meet Dr. King. Dr. King meet Racism.

Failure meet Einstein. Einstein meet Failure.

Goliath meet David. David meet Goliath. Also, David meet Saul, Absalom, and the entire general hater population of your time.

Part of any great story is the introduction of The Obstacle. The Obstacle is an ominous entity, person, thing, organization, or past event that tells the protagonist that what they dream of, is absolutely impossible!

We all have met at least one obstacle. Some of us (*sighing and raising my own hand*) have met obstacle after obstacle after obstacle after Wicked Witch of the West after obstacle. You get the point. I done seen some thangs! These obstacles are part of what call us to prominence! They are also a very serious part of the struggle!

Our obstacles can be poverty, abuse, neglect, ignorance, failure, rejection, isolation, or even a living nemesis (and nemeses for the hustler on the go who is too busy to have only one arch enemy). And sometimes, just sometimes, the obstacles are our own family, expectations, “obligations,” etc — the weight of which has the potential to crush us.

They stand in our way with slander, defeatist statements, and threats. The obstacles dare us to try. They dare us to live freely! A dare is a challenge to bring our very best to the game. Our best will require skill, sustained effort, and training. Our best includes a commitment to healing, honorable character, valor, and faith. The obstacle dares us to believe that we already are what we dream of being.

The reason obstacles proceed greatness is to show us that the impossible is possible if we believe, work, care, strategize and hustle. To OutHustle the Obstacle we must know all things are possible no matter what Mountain stands in our way and be diligent. The obstacle dares us to believe. It asks, ‘Where is your faith?!’

OutHustle Your Struggle


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